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Work should feed your soul, not just your wallet.

Coaching and Tools for Life, Career, and Educational Planning 

LifeCrafters by Bruncha

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Career Coaching
​(with a twist!)

Explore your dreams and consider real-world conditions in 1:1 coaching sessions. During a fixed number of sessions, LifeCrafters will help you…​​

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Job Search and "Encore" Career Advice

Receive expert advice on every step of the job search process. Before you start the next chapter of your life, work with a LifeCrafters career coach to…

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Personal Branding
​and Marketing

Present the best version of you to potential employers and clients. LifeCrafter’s personal branding services will help you…

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Networking Strategies

Use innovative networking strategies to reach influential individuals. Work with a LifeCrafters coach to…

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What keeps you going day after day?
Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy question to answer. COVID-19 changed our personal and work lives in ways we could not have planned for.  The result is that significant numbers of people are asking:  Is this the life I REALLY want?  What is important now?

Does this sound familiar?
Some people know exactly what they want next.  For others, charting their journey is a lifelong process. Either way, LifeCrafters is here to help you craft a life you love to live.

​If your life is a story, the next page is only limited by your imagination. When thinking about the next chapter, there’s only one question that matters.  


What Our Clients Were Saying

" Bruncha has a unique ability to listen between the lines. Her insights have helped me view my own passions and interests in a different light. She’s also incredibly entrepreneurial and has helped me figure out new ways to monetize my talents. "

- Vincent Nezzer is an online marketing specialist who works with Groupon and other brands.

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