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Enjoying Sunset

Infuse your life
with passion
​and “magic.”

​Career, Education, and Life Coaching (with a twist!)

Job Interview

Explore your dreams and consider real-world conditions in 1:1 coaching sessions. During a fixed number of sessions, LifeCrafters will help you…

  • Uncover your work/life goals using a structured, yet flexible process

  • Discover practical ways to infuse your life with passion and “magic”

  • Design a roadmap with mile markers that keep you moving toward your destination

  • Craft a career that contributes to your financial goals, AND allows you to be true to your soul's purpose and your sense of community connection 

Craft an Encore Career You Love

Life after retirement is known as "the golden years” for a reason. When you’re not working for someone else, you have the time to pursue your own interests and passions.

Call LifeCrafters. Together, we can...


  • Define your lifelong interests and passions

  • Give back to your community in unexpected ways

  • Apply your hard-earned skills to an encore career

  • Create a life that you're excited to live

Happy Senior Couple

What Do You Want to Be and How Do You Get There?

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Receive expert consultation on an effective career and educational planning process. Before your teenager starts considering college or other education and training options. Work with LifeCrafters to…

  • Assess the aptitudes, interests, and factors that affect the types of work and career options that might best fit your child.

  • Review your teenager's past activities, academic history, and personal values using a qualitative interview process.

  • Learn how to utilize labor market data and projections to inform career planning and decision-making.

  • Feel Confident that you and your child will be able to execute a sensible and practical career preparation plan.

Present the best version of you to potential employers and clients. LifeCrafter’s personal branding services will help you…

  • Compile a resume that reflects the best of you and appeals to your future employers

  • Write a cover letter that describes your abilities and demonstrates your qualifications

  • Use LinkedIn to highlight your professional accomplishments and network with influential individuals

  • Find your voice and be able to communicate effectively in any situation

Smiling Man with Saxophone

Personal Branding & Marketing

Networking Strategies


Use innovative networking strategies to reach influential individuals. Work with a LifeCrafters coach to…

  • Find an employer contact using “the six degrees of separation”

  • Connect to relevant educational and training programs

  • Learn techniques to approach the contacts you want with confidence 

  • Access resources to explore job alternatives like contracting and self-employment

Call to schedule a free 20-minute initial consultation.​

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