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  • Bernice "Bruncha" Milaszewski

3 Ways to Prepare for Your Career Transition

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Source: Unsplash-Ross Findon

The Great Resignation: millions of people said “goodbye” to their current employer. And now you are one of those millions. Embarking on a successful career transition takes a bit of preparation.

Here are three things to do at the start of your quest for a new job.

1. Take Some Time for Yourself.

Leaving your job changes everything, your routine, your network, and often your sense of self. Allow for some quiet time, to regroup, and explore what you want, where you want it, and how you want to work. Taking time to nurture and feed your soul can renew your self-confidence and will need that for your next journey. Self-care during a job search is what will keep you going when the going gets rough. There are tools for gaining clarity on interests and values and communication and work styles. Some are free at ONET. Make use of them and the vast occupational information available there.

2. Take Stock of Your Resources

Let’s be real; a job search requires time, effort, and yes, some money. However, the money supply on which you based your prosperity is a mere trickle in comparison to what it was before, or it has either slopped flowing altogether. So, evaluate your financial situation and make adjustments where you can. Check to see if you have bandwidth and internet speed to make use of a wide range of web-based tools that can assist in your crafting your resume, developing your LinkedIn profile, and utilizing social media.

3. Take it up with Your Network

Be honest with your family and close circle of friends. Tell them exactly what you need now. Sometimes you may need a short-notice child care provider, a quick haircut, or a sitter for your pets so you can scope out an out-of-town possibility. Or maybe you need a compassionate ear to hear you rant and move on. Sure, job search sites and tools can provide leads to all kinds of vacant jobs. But it’s your supporters and cheerleaders, your colleagues and mentors that matter. It’s your network that will help you the right job that aligns with what you are and what you value.

LifeCrafters can be your partner in making a smooth career transition.

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